Optimize IT


Turn your device into a smart Roku remote! Quick channel access, easy Trackpad/arrows, seamless keyboard input, and haptic feedback for a tactile experience.​

Stud Finder

Effortlessly locate studs and beams. Experience real-time sound and vibration feedback when you’re on target. Ideal for every DIY enthusiast.​

Backup Contacts

Backup and restore your contacts with Contact Backup! Lightning-fast backup and restore, vCard (VCF) and CSV (Excel) exporting, sorting, and easy delete.​


Generate frequencies, clean speakers & tune instruments like a pro. Frequency offers versatile waveform generation & customizable sound. Elevate your audio with our tone generator.

Shelter VPN

Shelter is the most convenient and free VPN for secure access to the internet. You can safely browse, stream, and game without any inconveniences!