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Generate frequencies, clean speakers & tune instruments like a pro. Frequency offers versatile waveform generation & customizable sound. Elevate your audio with our tone generator.

Tone Generator

Create any frequency from 1 Hz to 40,000 Hz with ease. Input a specific hertz value or select a note and octave for a desired pitch. Play multiple frequencies at the same time.

Clean Your Speakers

Muffled audio will be a thing of the past. Use high-frequency sound waves to remove trapped moisture and water from your speakers effectively.

Waveform Generation

Produce sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waveforms. Experiment with different waveforms to create unique sound experiences.

Tune Instruments

Perfect for professional musicians, use our app to tune your instruments. Ensure that your music sounds exactly as you intended it to.

Customizable Sound Generation

Choose the perfect pitch by selecting a note and octave. Experiment with different frequencies and waveforms to create unique sound experiences.


Unlock the full potential of audio with our Frequency Generator App, designed to enhance every aspect of your sonic experience. This versatile app is your go-to tool for generating precise frequencies, cleaning speakers, and tuning instruments, providing you with professional-grade capabilities right at your fingertips.

With the Frequency Tone Generator App, you can effortlessly create sound frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 40,000 Hz. Input your desired hertz value or select a note and octave to achieve the perfect pitch. The ability to play multiple frequencies simultaneously allows you to experiment and craft complex audio landscapes. Whether you’re a professional musician or an audio enthusiast, this app ensures that your sounds are always pitch-perfect.

Moreover, the app isn’t just about generating sounds; it’s also equipped to maintain the quality of your audio output. Utilize high-frequency sound waves to clear out trapped moisture and dust from your speakers, eliminating muffled audio and enhancing clarity. The waveform generation feature lets you produce sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waveforms, opening up endless possibilities for creating unique sound experiences.

Experience the power of sound with the Frequency Generator App. It’s an indispensable tool for musicians, audio engineers, and anyone looking to explore the world of sound with new depths. Start your audio adventure today and shape soundscapes that resonate with precision and clarity.