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Backup Contacts

Backup and restore your contacts with Contact Backup! Lightning-fast backup and restore, vCard (VCF) and CSV (Excel) exporting, sorting, and easy delete.

Fast Backup Speeds

Experience lightning-fast backup speeds with our app. Designed for efficiency, you can quickly transfer your contacts. Whether you're switching devices or need a secure backup, our app delivers rapid performance every time.

Reliable Contact Management

Reliability is key when managing a large address book. Our app has been rigorously tested with thousands of contacts to ensure it can handle even the most extensive collections without a hitch, giving you confidence in its robust capabilities.

User-Friendly Interface

Our app is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to delete all contacts with just a few taps. This feature is perfect for those looking to start fresh or simplify their contact list quickly and effectively.

Flexible Export Options

Need to take your contacts with you? Our app supports popular export formats like vCard (VCF) and CSV (Excel), making it easy to transfer your contacts to other platforms or devices according to your needs.

Advanced Sorting Capabilities

Organize your contacts exactly how you want. With options to sort by name, surname, or creation date, finding the contact you need becomes simpler and more intuitive.

Track Newly Added Contacts

Stay updated with your newest connections. By setting the app to order by creation date, you can easily view and access the most recently added contacts, keeping you up to date with your expanding network.


Experience seamless contact management with our Contact Backup App, designed to offer both functionality and convenience at no initial cost. You can access all basic features for free, providing a robust solution for everyday contact management needs. For those requiring advanced capabilities, an upgrade to our premium subscription is just a tap away. This upgrade unlocks top-tier features, ensuring that your contact management is as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible.

A contact backup app is an essential tool for anyone looking to safeguard their connections. Our app not only secures your contacts through swift backups but also enables easy restoration across devices, ensuring you never lose touch with your network. Whether you're upgrading your phone or switching between devices, our app makes the process hassle-free.

One of the standout benefits of our app is its ability to handle large volumes of contacts efficiently. Tested with thousands of contacts, the app ensures fast, reliable backup and restore speeds, so you can manage your address book effortlessly. Additionally, for those looking to start fresh, our app offers a simple solution to delete all contacts quickly and start anew.

Moreover, our app supports various export formats, including vCard (VCF) and CSV (Excel), allowing you to transfer your contacts to other platforms seamlessly. Whether you're backing up or exporting your contacts, choose from multiple formats to suit your needs.

Our app also enhances your experience by providing advanced sorting options. You can organize your contacts by name, surname, or creation date, making it easier to find the specific contact you need. Furthermore, if you want to keep track of your most recent connections, simply sort by creation date to view your latest contacts.

In summary, our Contact Backup App not only protects your valuable connections but also offers the flexibility to manage, sort, and export them as you see fit. Upgrade to premium for even more features, or use the robust free version to keep your contacts safe and organized.